HTML5 for XP now!

This is a call to arms to make Windows XP users move away from Internet Explorer. This is necessary to allow us to make the web a richer and more enjoyable place.

The internet already is a wonderful place. A media for all and a place to find everything you need. We need to care for it, advance it as a media and use it to its full potential.

Over the years the internet and our use of it has grown. Today We want more than just some texts with pretty images and forms that need the whole page to reload. If we want to make the web easy to use for everybody, we need to upgrade - both the infrastructure and the software we use to consume it.

Much like a straight and even road allows you to drive fast and with the best mileage, modern browsers allow us to get the best out of the web of today.

Microsoft promote a beautiful web with the release of Internet Explorer 9 and urge people to expect more from their day-to-day web experience. As IE9 is only available for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, those who use Windows XP, however, can not get a beautiful web.

Windows XP users can only upgrade to IE8 as a replacement for the woefully outdated IE6, which - even according to Microsoft - needs to go away.

This is not fair and this is not helping the web.

Windows XP users should turn their back on Internet Explorer and choose a better browser.

An option to fix your current browser?

If you can not install a different browser on your system - take a look at Google's Chrome Frame. This is a patch for IE6 to run Chrome inside it.

What we can do with better browsers

HTML5 and related technologies are the evolution of the web as we know it. Instead of using lots of meaningless code to simulate what browsers should do for us we have new elements and powerful systems to use. New semantics and APIs allow us to make the web a more interesting and easier to use place. Just think of the things we can already do:

  • Native video and audio with keyboard enabled controls that can be styled and accessed like any other element in the page.
  • Forms with richer controls like colour pickers, calendars and autocomplete fields.
  • Rounded corners, gradients and drop shadows without graphics
  • Local and offline storage to create real application experiences
  • Geographical location and device orientation to give you a personalised experience of the web
  • Rich graphs and visualisations using Canvas and SVG.
  • Games that don't ask you to install plugins.
  • 3D graphics and support for any font
  • Drag and drop and touch support for tablets.
  • File upload and access to the file system like any other application.

All this can be yours - just move on from Internet Explorer if you stick with XP.

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